WORKSHOP // Part 1

Nailed It – Process and Team Management:

The last project you worked on went well, so why not use that process for the next project? Well, not every project is the same, and your team might not always be the same. Plus, you can always improve! But how?

Well, you’ve got to adapt based on the variables and challenges that are presented to you. It’s never hard to do, but with a solid foundation in place, you can conquer change smoothly and come out on top.

In this interactive workshop, you’ll participate in group exercises and discussions to help you to set a new standard for how you work as a project lead, and how you can adapt not only your style but also your process, to meet the needs of your project.

Specifically, you will learn:

-> Assess and refine your own process and collaboratively work with a team to discuss pain points and solutions
-> Pick up tactics to document and manage that process
-> Learn how to master change management (or roll with change even when it’s frustrating)
-> Define the process points where the team needs you most (and where you can add the most value as a PM)
-> Discover simple ways to continue providing value as a PM who is not only process focused, but people and goal-focused